How to Become a Part Time Blackjack

By | May 31, 2021

You can’t afford to be a full-time gambler in the eyes of the taxman but you can if you get a good tax free lump sum. You can also join a syndicate and get a pro-rata chunk of the winnings. I’d consider myself an expert in the blackjack games but I’m learning that most losses I incur when I go to a casino are due to the simple nature of the game.

That said, I enjoy my runs at the tables whenever I can, so I hope you will too! Here are the reasons why you should consider becoming a part time blackjack gambler.

  1. You will reduce your spending power

Quite a few people gamble, generally on a budget of somewhere between $200 and $300 a month. Going to the trouble of setting aside a betting bank – that could be $1500 or so, by the way – and sticking with it is not easy to do. The down side is that you will discover that you are spending more to try to catch up on your losses. In fact, you may find you end up betting more than you can afford to comfortably afford.

  1. You will experience the thrills of a true casino experience

You know the rules well. You know the house rules, sure, but you need to experience the thrills of really being at the casino. Blackjack tournaments have a nice habit of making you sweat. However, if you insist on keeping up to date with your table, you may well need to buy yourself a bit of personal time. Let it ride mentality is that you will win at blackjack. Sure, you can’t possibly know the secret to the game, but in order to win you simply have to keep playing, keep studying, and keep testing the waters, as they say.

  1. Learning through experience

Experienced players have a lot to say about the game of blackjack. Newbies to the game can be excused for not knowing that they’re handing over their money to the casino and that the chances of winning are between 1 and 11, or that the purpose of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. These kinds of players can stand around being OMG’ed at for hours. Admittedly, there are some rules that the beginner may have a hard time catching on to, but then there are also newbie-friendly rules, such as “Always split your aces”.

  1. You’ll learn the truth

Did you know that you can’t truly make money at blackjack by sitting in front of the TV gainessing at the notion that you can beat the house? That’s not the real world. The truth is that the house does have the edge. The moment you step outside your online casino causing you to be dependent on credit card, wire transfer or a 3rd party (insert ATM card, get the money to transfer and pay for), you have completely rebelled against the entire purpose of playing online casino dominobet.

You really can’t outplay the house using blackjack strategy, but you can use blackjack software to study the charts, learn the right way to play and even have a blackjack calculator on your computer at all times during your play. Had you access to this information sooner, your blackjack experience may have been so much better and you would have a resource bag of money in your hands.