Are Online Roulette Games Actually Fair Or Rigged?

By | March 8, 2021

The online chat responder “pokerlouge99 dealer” posted this morning about the fairness of online Roulette games. He posted the following: “I have played online roulette for years, both the original free wheel along with the market exchange version, I admit I am in the know, but please advise.”

The “trusted online roulette source” confirms that most people, who play online roulette, tend to agree that the games are not rigged, however he attributes the mentality to a lack of knowledge rather than any sort of conscious understanding of how the games work. Most players just accept the fact that roulette wheels are designed to be completely random and that the result of each spin has no bearing on the previous spin’s outcome.

The knowledgeable player, the player who knows he is knowledgeable enough to participate, understands that free roulette games are an incentive to observe the patterns in operation of the game. If you examine the net and know a few patterns and strategies, you might stand a chance in winning the game. By Software Roulette simulation, then you have a small edge over the casino.

Most players, it seems, are content to accept that the games are not real to the same extent that they accept that the games are not people. In other words, just because online play is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not fair. It’s when you step into the casino that the games become misleading and instead of being a source of learning, become a stumbling block to learning.

Online games, like computer games, will never be perfect or faultless. Gamers will never be able to step out of the construct of the game and see if it’s fair or not. The best thing that can be said about the games and the virtual world is that it’s all a computer playingHeads-Up Pokerand not a human being. The computer program is subject to the random number generator and the humans in the game are not.

If you believe the games are real (and you know the difference between the real and the virtual), the best way to deal with the games is by having more knowledge about them. If you attempt to wager money from the “makers” money or your own, you will only get a low return. If you study the game, know the odds, andolve a strategy to beat the odds, you are developing an impression that you already know the game.

It may seem to be a touchy subject, but most gamblers will say that if online casinos throw money at you, even though you’re not spending real money, it’s still okay to have a home run for it. It’s when you act like a fool that you hope the casinos will think you’re a fool and treat you accordingly. Online casinos seem to be happy with players who think they know the game because they get the opportunity to pull a scam on the player and the casinos know that as well.

Don’t think that online casinos are out to get you, in fact, they are going to love your attempts to learn roulette and learn how to play the game. Be careful and do your homework, online casinos will love you for the knowledge you share but that is a whole other story. For the most part, though, if you want to spend a little time learning the game, that’s fine. It’s certainly not a bad investment, but it’s certainly better to spend a little time than to never have the opportunity to play at all.

Learning the game should begin by learning how to play the wheel, the game’s preps, and how to use the dealer to your advantage. If you look at the table layout, you can identify several sections where your wager can be placed. Those locations, along with the colors used for pockets, will reference the “payout” section of the table.

In American roulette, there is a pocket with a 0 and a 00, whereas in European roulette, the 00 is a green pinpoint. Because the wheels are the same, the numbers can be printed on the inside as well as the outside. On the inside, you will find the pocket number as either a + or a – because those are the amounts that will be rolled into the “body” of the roulette wheel later in the spin.

The table will have a layout and the two layouts will be in contrast to each other. One layout will have the numbers stacked randomly, and the other will have the more typical layout of slots and numbers randomly placed.

The game begins by the dealer having to remove a bubble from the top of the ” Prologue” area that is located above the table a stack of chips. The dealer does this to make a cloud part of the table that the players will see. Part of learning the rules of roulette is learning how to make the clouds and slots line up.