zamir javer


People in the legal profession know the value of reputation; some of them have been retained to help defend the reputation of a person, group, institution or business from defamation.  Since your online reputation is what the rest of the world will know you by, it is very important to maintain a positive image.  Digital Marketing expert Zamir Javer places a high value on proper online reputation management.

Proactively promoting a positive image of yourself or your firm requires the continuous publication of information on selected social media and internet platforms.  Maintaining a steady stream of content and reviews that paint you or your company in a positive light is key to attaining a solid online reputation.

A recent survey found that almost eight in ten clients do internet searches before making buying decisions.  This is why comments about your company need to be monitored.  There will always be people who will post negative reviews about you.  Some may be genuine comments, while others may have been created with malicious intent.  In both cases, proper handling will do wonders at minimizing the damage to your online reputation.  Actions may include suppression of the url’s of negative comments, reaching out to clients with real issues, and taking legal action against those whose sole intent is to malign.

No matter how good you really are, what will prompt a web visitor to convert to a lead or a client is his perception of your abilities.  That perception is greatly influenced by reviews and comments about you posted online.  Zamir Javer strongly suggests that your online reputation is too important to be entrusted to people other than digital marketing professionals.