IT services is a broad term which when narrowed down seems to be a basic thing that involves applying business and technology expertise and integrating them in such a manner that information around an enterprise or organization flows well and efficiently. Depending on the type of skills used to implement this services, the market that offers this service can be divided into a design market, a build market and a run market. IT services company Baltimore Mtexbox aim to ensure that the people, resources and technology needed to enable information flow conveniently are in their right places.


The providers of this services have in the recent past advanced to use managed services. They are therefore referred to as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The managed service provider multiple enterprises with a network, applications for the network, a fully built system that supports the network and e-management services as the enterprises pay these providers for these services.

Managed services bear the following characteristics:

  • They have a network operating center service that is easy to reach.
  • They have a customer care help desk.
  • They are able, through the network, to monitor and properly handle data and resources for the enterprises.
  • Provide their services predictably such that the customers can be able to know their billing expenses more accurately.

Previously, MSPs relied on application service providers (ASPs) which allowed them to organize and store data from their customer enterprises. This required them to have huge hardware and proper infrastructure to adequately and securely hold the huge chunks of data. The sector has evolved and presently, cloud computing is what is being relied on by MSPs.

Cloud computing brings in numerous advantages that has seen MSPs grow. The cloud has infinite memory that the service providers can utilize to store data. MSPs have therefore developed ways to put the old system and the cloud system together to form a hybrid system that works for any enterprise. The cloud also make accessing the data way easy and has also improved disaster recovery options.

People are fast moving into MSPs because of their reliability and stability on billing services which can help enterprises reduce their expenses. The reasoning behind this is that, previously, IT solution providers relied on the break/fix operation where they would charge a company for replacing parts or repairing hardware each time it has broken down. Managed services help counter this as it doesn’t need too much maintaining and each time a repair has to be done, the service provider does it without any charges. The enterprises or customers also need nothing else apart from the terminals needed to access the data. The devices do not also have to be as sophisticated in terms of technology as all they need is the ability to connect to the remote server and to support the data in place. The fact that the data can also be accessed remotely from any location is also a plus for managed services. This gives it an edge over other solution in IT management.