Cloud based hosting services

The excitement over cloud hosting is yet to die down a number of years since it was first introduced into the information technology industry. And so far, there is every indication that nothing will change any time soon. Cloud hosting has been a game change for businesses around the globe. This has resulted to the emergence of new IT solutions for cloud hosting services such as the TrueNorth Cloud Hosting Solutions that has been designed to help businesses make the most of the opportunities in the cloud. As businesses embrace the cloud, it is important to know the changing cloud landscape and what you should expect to see in coming months. As we near the end of 2016, here are two trends in cloud hosting that you should know about.

Cloud security outsourcing to increase

If the current trends are anything to go by, cloud computing will only get bigger in the months and years to come. As more businesses adopt the cloud, the risks associated with doing business in the cloud are becoming an issue that business executives must address. As the society becomes more connected via smart devices, cyber threats are becoming more common. Every few months, a story about cyber-attacks directed to famous personalities and big businesses makes rounds online making more people to realize the need to address security concerns before they become the next victims. For this reason, companies are expected to increase their spending on cyber warfare.

Many business leaders will be on the lookout for cyber security solutions that would adequately address the issues their companies have concerns about. But they will also be checking for affordable security solutions. That is why as we approach 2017, you should expect to see more businesses outsource cloud security. Outsourcing cloud security is far more economical that trying to find in-house solutions. Dedicated cloud security provides can afford to charge lower prices without compromising the quality of the security solutions they provide their clients.

Disaster recovery to make notable advances

One of the biggest challenges that have persisted for some time now is disaster recovery. The problem remains that many companies know the value of disaster recovery(PDF), yet very few of them set aside resources to do this. Full DR takes considerable resources and only those companies willing to invest in it can expect to see results. Disaster recovery as a service is expected to make quite some steps forward as we approach 2017. In the recent past, there has been a growing consensus in the business community regarding the need to invest in disaster recovery solutions. So, expect to see sizeable growth in this market segment in 2017.