With the recent announcement by the Alberta government of a tax credit scheme for willing investors in the small IT companies making economic noise in Alberta, there is a strong urge for people with savings to push them into the sector. This is great news for IT companies in Edmonton, for whom an investment will come as a much needed boost to their proliferation. A 90 million dollar tax credit that is scheduled to start early next year, the small companies that have been placed on the pedestal are challenged to prepare and make themselves investment worthy. Which brings the trend of preparation into light, one that already happening and just got more relevant.


With security concerns and news flooding client’s attention, there is no doubt that by the time investors flip their wallets out, almost all IT companies in Edmonton will have made their services more in line with secure solutions. There is no end in sight to the threat of ransomware attacks that are possible and have all companies vulnerable, which means clients are pushing for better security inclusion into the services that they ask IT companies in Edmonton for.

The majority of IT companies in the region have employment figures of up to 100 employees, which means the capital industry is not too keen on placing money to them. There is also a shortage of skills to grow that is not easy to brush aside, one report by an e-commerce company and an employment agency, last month noted how companies are resorting to incentivise critical talent to stay in their midst.

Research companies released good news that should have IT companies on the joyful edge, growth extrapolation predicts a spending that will take customers spending close to a trillion dollars by the start of next year, the same period in which the tax credit will be effected on investors. The growth won’t be equally spread across the entire IT spectrum of service providers though, hardware providers are in line for a dip in sales. This is an appropriately explained phenomenon, adoption of more services that derive from the cloud will mean only a laptop could be needed to take the place of what used to be a room full or servers.

Telephony companies are in for a continued challenge to innovate as their core business faces extinction if they don’t. It is more than concept now that business people talk through their smart devices, watches included, and then buying services from less efficient options only slows their development. Companies have speed as a more pressing concern than before, that means the fastest option and most accessible will be taken in place of the old. Voice services offered at a fraction of the original legacy cost, through a channel that is servicing the entire engine of a business are becoming more required by clients, leading to the service being adopted by a lot of IT companies in Edmonton. More such invasive innovations are to be expected in the not so distant future.