The Hot Number Strategies of Lotto California

By | March 22, 2022

Most of us are familiar with the lotto as it is the Illinois, Ohio, Powerball, Florida, etc., big King of lotteries that with its preflop, a “quick pick,” and an “either pick” option, holds games for Americans all over the country. The type of lottery game depends on the state in which it is purchased and is then called the “any 7” lotto option. This game varies from state to state in numbers that are being played, the bonus games, and other methods employed. One of the most popular lotto games offered is the California Fantasy 5, Fantasy 5, infamous for its huge jackpots.

In the California Fantasy 5, the player picks five numbers from 1 to 47 to form the set of ultimate numbers, or the hot number sequence. The hot number sequence is the numbers chosen most often, by children and adults alike. As had mentioned above, if the “hot number” happens to be one of the chosen numbers, as many as seven additional numbers can be picked to complete the winning combination. The additional numbers are called the “free hot numbers” or the “Keluaran Singapore” and are great to increase the chances of hitting the jackpot by being able to pick numbers from the entire number field. Of course, by selecting all or none of the free hot numbers, the chance of completing the winning strume is dramatically increased as well.

In thepoint of the game is whether the player chooses the 5 numbers that make up the set of the hot number sequence or the 5 numbers that don’t make up the set of the hot number sequence. In effect, this plays the probability game and the odds are now even, 50-50. However, there is aStratempo, a system developed by Ken Silver that can increase the odds of winning, specifically for the California Fantasy 5.

According to the system, which was devised by Ken Silver, each number in the set of the hot number sequence is assigned a point value, where each number negate the number prior to it. The first number, called ”     1,” is the strongest number and the last number, called ”     4,” is the weakest number. The paradoxical result is that the more numbers in the set of the hot number sequence that are less powerful, the higher the likelihood that one of the ”     4″ numbers will be included in the winning set of numbers.

Thus, according to this system, if the hot number sequence is magician-like, or if the numbers are chosen evenly, around or below the average, the more likely one of the four following numbers will be included in the winning set of numbers. One of the well-known advantages of using this system is that, if you’re unable to pick the ”     4″ winning number, the system will give you a free bonus ball number of the next higher value, such as ”     5.”

The system further includes a Strategist’s Field of Study guide that will guide you through the various number patterns and combinations, including a list of the 20 “hot” numbers for the California Fantasy 5, available for you to use for your own picks.

You can’t mathematically beat the lottery, but you can arm yourself with highly effective lottery software programs that will increase your odds of winning, big time. You can never go wrong purchasing the California Fantasy 5, but you will always walk away with something!