Every Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney has a firsthand experience on how hard it is to prove a malpractice case.  That is why they are the first people anyone thinking of filing a medical malpractice suit should seek for advice.  Not any well-meaning friend, not the medical practitioner who made the error, his hospital or medical insurance representative.  Anyone connected with the person responsible for the error or negligence would be more interested in avoiding or at least limiting any liability.

The best Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney definitely advises against agreeing to a settlement with the medical doctor or his representatives prior to consulting with a legal professional.  Here are other pieces of advice:

a)       There is no cause to have concerns about the cost of litigation as most medical malpractice lawyers work on contingency basis – they only get paid if they win through an extra-judicial settlement or court decision.  In fact, you should not seek the services of medical malpractice lawyers who ask for upfront payments.

b)       You need to shop around as there are lawyers who have more experience pursuing cases similar to yours, they ask for different sharing agreements, and offer different terms. If you have limited resources, you can choose lawyers who advance other costs related to the case such as filing fees and payment for the testimony of ‘experts.’  Choose the lawyer you feel confident with.  The Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyers Association should have a long list of good lawyers you can choose from.

c)       Don’t feel bad if medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia should tell you to forego filing a formal court case.  These legal professionals will only take cases that they believe have a good chance of winning.  No one wants to work for free, and the good ones only get paid when they win.  If you persist in retaining the services of a lawyer to pursue the case in court, you are most likely to lose and any money you pay the lawyer will be wasted.

d)       Getting rejected by one malpractice lawyer does not necessarily mean you should immediately give up the chase for just compensation.  It does not cost you much to approach other malpractice for a second or third opinion – only time and transportation expenses.  When you see a different lawyer, don’t inform him you have already been rejected by another.  This is so he can evaluate your case with an open mind. Accept the fact that if no lawyer will take your case on contingency basis you don’t have much of a case.

e)       Not all malpractice complaints are won inside the courts.  The top medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia can build a case so solid that the people representing the medical professional will prefer to settle out of court.  By settling unwinnable cases out of court the medical professional avoids negative publicity and the medical insurance company saves on legal costs.

People have to listen to the advice of legal professionals and learn when to rush in and when to just cut their losses and desist from making a complaint they are not likely to win,