malpractice lawyer in philadelphia are a very driven and competitive lot.  They have to be, as litigation of malpractice cases is the most results-oriented of all legal practices.  They only get paid whenever they win.  But wins are not everything, there remain defining what a win should really mean for the complainant, which is fair and just compensation.

expert medical malpractice lawyers in philadelphia, PA suggest that the following attributes would define an ideal malpractice lawyer:

a)       Proper academic credentials and an active member in good standing of the American Bar Association.  This of course is only basic.  What every complainant should look for is academic credentials related to trying medical malpractice cases.  It is absolutely useless to retain the services of the top corporate lawyer who does not understand the first thing about medical malpractice.

b)       A track record of successfully trying malpractice cases that closely resemble the malpractice suit you are thinking of filing.  In this regard, the ideal lawyer for one case might not be the same for a case involving different specifics.  A record showing lots of significant wins, especially involving high profile cases is also desirable.  It is good to know that there are numerous medical malpractice lawyers in philadelphia you can choose from.

c)       A good malpractice attorney would be quite open and transparent about the fees that they expect from their client.  This includes full disclosure of sharing percentages for any settlement or award, as well as how much of the cost of litigation the attorney is willing to advance.  In some cases the attorney will advance all costs associated with the malpractice suit, there are others who impose a cap on how much they will advance, often related to how much they expect the compensation to be.

d)      You need to be confident the lawyer you choose has the ability to win your case.  The expert medical malpractice lawyers in philadelphia, PA you choose should be one you feel comfortable confiding in.  A case can be severely hampered by lack of trust between client and attorney.

A malpractice lawyer who has all the above attributes would provide you with the best representation.

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