The responsible of compliance lies with you as the business owner regardless of which compliance as a service (CaaS) solutions you use. That is why it is up to you to get the best compliance as a service provider you can get to ensure that you are compliant with all the agreements your business has entered with your cloud provider, internal software providers and even service providers.

If your company is fails compliancy tests, you and your business will pay the fines and the penalties. You will not be able to shift that responsibility to the compliance as a service provider that you have hired. So, you might then wonder, should your business seek the services of a compliance as a service provider if the responsibility to comply will not shift to them?

The perfect CaaS solutions provider

Yes, it should. While you must be careful to get the right firm for these tasks, the work of compliance can be quite complex and needs up-close monitoring to keep away from paying those hefty sums in penalties and fines. A good compliance as a service firm will have the perfect mix of patching, logging and scanning. The firm would also check for build-validation in addition to doing device configuration. Through these types of tasks, the CaaS provider will scan your systems for vulnerabilities.

compliance service

Surviving a thorough audit

The reason why companies continue to pay these fines and penalties is because they have not placed enough emphasis and priority on compliance. You can bet that more than 50% of all companies would fail an audit that covers all the areas listed above. While big corporations might easily pay a $1 million fine, your small or medium-sized business could face certain closure if a judge imposed such fines on it.

Regular compliance checks

Consider compliance the same way you would a visit to your dentist. If you only make the visit when the pain in your mouth becomes unbearable, chances are you will lose your teeth. Yet, if you schedule your visits to your dentist to happen on a regular basis, your experiences will consistently be less painful and you are likely to keep most of your teeth.
If you do system maintenance, including regular compliance checks, your systems will not only consistently perform at their optimum, the overall systems maintenance costs will be lower than doing an overhaul after a major system failure or paying lawyers in a fight against claims of non-compliance and copyright infringement.

Compliance as a service will therefore help you avoid such eventualities while ensuring your systems give you optimal performance every minute of every day. Compliance-as-a-service providers design their solutions to allow their customers to achieve compliance and maintain it.