Law firm SEO Essentials


You’ll have a hard time finding a law firm that doesn’t avail of the benefits of law firm SEO services these days.  Almost all use them, and the tiny minority that don’t is that much harder to find.  But SEO rankings alone will not increase the number of your clients.  And the way you maintain your website determines whether you get to keep the high SEO ranking you have or not.

Here are some essential elements that will keep your SEO ratings high and get more of your web visitors to convert to clients:

a)       Keep the quality of your links high.  Never buy links.  Only link to sites that are relevant. The big search engines are on the lookout for multiple links to sites that are almost empty, and sites that offer link-swaps.  They penalize sites with low quality links with sharp ratings downgrades.

b)      Refine and, if necessary, expand your keywords and phrases to ensure people in your target market (those that are likely to need legal advice in the area of law you practice) find you, and not your competitor.

c)       Upload only high quality content on your site.  Make sure all content is interesting and targeted to be useful to prospective clients.  Just uploading text of the law is not sufficient.  Get help form professional writers if necessary.

d)      Protect your online reputation by monitoring all web content that uses your business name.  Subscribe to Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts and use Twitter search.  Use the information to improve your services in case of genuine commentaries, and to deal with people who try to damage your reputation with lies.

Law firm SEO needs to be maintained to remain an effective tool for boosting your firm’s clientele.  You’ll need to give it the attention it deserves.